Boeing 737-Classic Home Cockpit by Philippe De Bruecker


The CDU is built with the CDU kit from OpenCockpits and features a 5" color screen with a resolution of 800*600 pixels. The keys are connected to a computer with the USB Keys card from OpenCockpits and are linked with the CDU of the Wilco 737 PIC add-on by FSUIPC macro's.


The data displayed on the CDU display is extracted from the memory of the Wilco 737 PIC add-on. This way, the represented CDU data is always an exact copy of the internal data of the Wilco add-on. The data extraction is managed by my own program that acts as a server for the MCP and CDU data. My CDU client program then connects to this server, obtains the CDU data and displays the data on the CDU screen. Since I use my own program to display the CDU data on the screen, it's possible to use a custom CDU color scheme (in my case blue and green). The most interesting advantage of this approach is that you can even add custom CDU functions like the MAINT page in the CDU menu. The custom MAINT page allows me to manage some funtions through CDU inputs that are(/were) not yet installed or wired in my cockpit. As you can see in the pictures below, the MAINT page allows me to manage the communication and navigation radio's, QNH settings and the transponder.