Boeing 737-Classic Home Cockpit by Philippe De Bruecker


Since my Home Cockpit it a replica of a Boeing 737 - Classic, it does not feature the same glass instruments found in the Boeing 737 - NG (Next Generation). As a result, I could not use the popular PMDG 737 - NG add-on to simulate the aircraft's systems. After some experiments, I found that the Wilco 737 PIC add-on matched best my requirements. Getting the MCP and CDU data from the Wilco 737 PIC add-on was however not such a trivial job. In the download section, you can find the software I have written to retrieve the MCP and CDU data.


This is how it all started:

To connect the harwarde switches and lights, I use SIOC and the interface cards from To connect the 7-segment displays (used for the radio's and altimeter) I use my own PCB to facilitate the connections. The PCB layout can be found in the download section.

Please click on an element on the right to get more information and pictures about its construction.