Boeing 737-Classic Home Cockpit by Philippe De Bruecker


The MIP frame is built out of MDF wood and will house two vetically flipped 20" screens to show the PFD, the ND and two analog gauges. In the middle, a 15" screen is used to show the engine gauges, the standby artificial horizon and fuel gauges.


The panels, annunciators and analog gauges in the MIP are all home built and are constructed with plexi glass.

Building the MIP frame was the first big step in building my cockpit. One of the pictures below also shows the dimensions I used.


The autopilot (MCP) is completely home built. The panel is made out of 2 similar pieces of plexi glass. A paper is placed between these 2 plates on which the layout of the autopilot is printed. Cutting the plexi glass and wiring the electronics was a very time consuming job!